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Transfer of knowledge

The project will run via a training and transfer of knowledge program structured to efficiently exploit the expertise and complementarities between the industrial and academic partners to reach the scientific goals of the project and provide high quality intersectorial training for the participating researchers. This is expected to be of high benefit for their individual career development.


Implemented exchanges and new recruiments


UNIGE-BIO, ESR 13 months
ENKAM-UNIGE, ER4-10 2*6 months

ENKAM-UKK, ER4-10 12 months
BIO-UNIGE, ER>10 2 months

UKK-BIO, ESR 2 months


ENKAM ER4-10 24 months
BIO ER4-10 24 months
UNIGE ER4-10 18 months

UKK ER4-10 18 months