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BioTalentum Ltd. is a research start-up company established in 2005. Focus areas of the activities for the company are animal biotechnologies, including stem cell research, transgenic cellular and animal models. The company has a mission of research and development of new animal models and cellular systems for biomedical research and drug testing, and to provide technical services for research teams and pharmaceutical industry based on its state-of-the-art technological know-how.
The company is very active in European research, as BIO is full research partner in four FP6 projects
- MEDRAT (closed)
- CLONET (closed)
- ARTEMIS (closed)
- AGLAEA (closed)
and in several FP7 projects
- PluriSys
- PartnErS
- InduStem
- InduHeart
- InduVir
- RabPStem
- PepStem
in 8 of these BioTalentum is the coordinator of the project. These projects provide an intensive interaction with ERA teams from both academia and industry.
Furthermore, BioTalentum has a branch specialized on project management for biomedical research, and provides such services for national and EU FP7 projects.