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The STEMCAM project is a 4-years training and transfer of knowledge program between two distinguished academic groups in stem cell research, two highly innovative SMEs and a company leader in development of media for stem cell research, to foster long-term industryacademy collaboration and partnership in the field of stem cells research and applications. The scientific and industrial aim of STEMCAM is to study the role of peptides derived from the Neuronal Cell Adhesion Molecule NCAM and related growth factors in the maintenance, survival and differentiation of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells towards the neural and myocardial lineage, in comparison with embryonic stem cells. The project will take advantage of very unique and innovative pharmacological tools, the NCAM and growth factor mimetic peptides discovered by ENKAM. To achieve its aim STEMCAM will apply an interdisciplinary approach from cell biology (including innovative in vitro culture using bi- and three dimensional systems), immunocytochemistry, imaging, molecular biology, electrophysiology, to peptide chemistry and chemioinformatics. The project will run via a training and transfer of knowledge program structured to efficiently exploit the expertise and complementarities between the industrial and academic partners to reach the scientific goals of the project and provide high quality intersectorial training for the participating researchers. This is expected to be of high benefit for their individual career development. The STEMCAM project links intersectorial research activities in two very relevant areas of stem cell research, neurogenesis and cardiomyogenesis and will strictly collaborate with the IAPPs INDUSTEM and PARTNERS and the large FP7 IP ESNATS, complementing and expanding with its unique approach their research scope and transfer of knowledge. Thus STEMCAM will significantly contribute to progress of stem cell research in Europe with high potential impact on European competitiveness and regenerative medicine.